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Las Nubes de Venus

I'm just that venusian girl

28 February 1983
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Twenty-something years old young woman from Barcelona, absolutely crazy about books, movies, comics and TV-shows (especially science-fiction tv-shows!).
Drug of the year: Criminal Minds. It was about time to move on from Harry Potter, really.
I'm bilingual -Catalan/Spanish- with a wannabe-desire to be trilingual (English should be the third language if you were wondering). So it's possible to found some posts written in any of these three languages.
Curiosamente me encanta mezclarlas, son parte de mí, és com sóc jo. But I'm trying to use predominantly English here in LJ and to leave the Spanish/Catalan stuff to my blog.

I don't know a lot about music, but if you are curious, that's what I am usually listening:

by sarcastic_fina
Snugged from the lj of the always wondrful sarcastic_fina

i'm in ravenclaw!

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